The Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative (SEAri) performs collaborative research to address sociotechnical challenges in complex engineered systems.

The research group has a strong foundation in the space system and defense design and architecture domain, with more recent work branching into the transportation and infrastructure systems domain. While these domains represent past work and ongoing areas for case study analysis, the methods and practices developed by SEAri aim for truly cross-domain applicability.

SEAri research is disseminated through various written forms, including publications, theses, and working papers. The publications include both conference proceedings (with briefings) and peer-reviewed journal articles. The theses include both masters and doctoral level research conducted at MIT. The working papers include various papers and reports, sometimes in draft, pre-published forms. The inclusion of these media forms is intended to make ongoing and past SEAri research available to the public. Sample projects illustrate some of the work SEAri has conducted.