About SEAri


Be a recognized world leader in systems engineering research and advanced methods for systems engineering, as seen by academia, industry, and government, across many technical domains.


Advance the theories, methods, and effective practice of systems engineering applied to complex socio-technical systems through collaborative research.


  • Foster dialogue among senior system leaders across multiple domains and application sectors
  • Conduct both theoretical and empirical field research to ensure rigorous and relevant contributions
  • Leverage resources of MIT and strategic partners
  • Define and research fundamental concepts for advanced systems engineering
  • Contribute to the academic body of knowledge through journal and conference publications
  • Develop curricula, education materials, and handbooks to inspire, inform, and guide students and practitioners


SEAri is located within the Sociotechnical Systems Research Center (SSRC) at MIT, which provides an intellectually diverse foundation for interdisciplinary systems research, spanning engineering, science, management, and humanities and social science.


SEAri is guided by MIT faculty and research staff whose experiences span industry, government and academia, including serving on advisory boards and in senior positions in government and industry, and expertise spanning aerospace, defense, automotive, transportation, and commercial products.