Working Papers

The following working papers include documents in various states of pre-published formats. Some papers are draft versions of upcoming publication submissions; some papers are working documents attempting to organize thoughts around particular research ideas. The papers are provided here to share with the larger community and to give some insight into ongoing research ideas. The authors welcome comments from the community. Please reference the working paper number when providing feedback.

WP-2002-1-1 Spaulding, T., "MATEing: Exploring the Wedding Tradespace" [pdf]
WP-2007-1-3 Ross, A.M., and Rhodes, D.H., "Using Natural Value-Centric Time Scales for Conceptualizing System Timelines through Epoch-Era Analysis" (paper published in INCOSE 2008) [pdf]
WP-2007-2-2 McManus, H., "Ility Space" [pdf]
WP-2007-3-1 Ross, A.M., and Rhodes, D.H., "Using Attribute Classes during Conceptual Design to Anticipate Unarticulated Product Value" [pdf]
WP-2007-4-1 Ross, A.M., and Rhodes, D.H., "Accelerating Discontent: The Effects of Rapid Information Exchange on Value Perceptions"
WP-2007-5-1 Ross, A.M., and Rhodes, D.H., "Designing Systems for Future Value: Fundamental Attributes as System Meta-Objectives"
WP-2007-6-1 Ross, A.M., "Mitigating Value Mismatch at the Dynamic Interface of Stakeholder Preferences and System Options" [pdf]
WP-2007-7-1 McManus, H., "Comparison of Past MATE Studies to Actual Systems" [pdf]
WP-2007-8-1 Bartolomei, J., Cokus, M., Dahlgren, J., de Neufville, R., Maldonado, D., and Wilds, J., "Analysis and Application of Design Structure Matrix, Domain Mapping Matrix, and Engineering System Matrix Frameworks" [pdf]
WP-2008-1-2 Wilds, J.M. and Shah, N.B. "System and Component Level Flexibility of a Micro Air Vehicle: A Case Study in Flexible System Design using Change Propagation Analysis and Filtered Outdegree Methods" [pdf]
WP-2008-2-1 Richards, M.G., Ross, A.M., Hastings, D.E., and Rhodes, D.H., "Two Empirical Tests of Design Principles for Survivable System Architecture" (paper published in INCOSE 2008) [pdf]
WP-2008-4-1 Ross, A.M. "Defining and Using the New "ilities" [pdf]
WP-2008-5-2 Various, "Example MATE Projects" [pdf]
WP-2008-6-1 Rhodes, D.H. and Hastings, D.E., "The Case for Evolving Systems Engineering as a Field within Engineering Systems" [pdf]
WP-2009-1-1 Ross, A.M., "The Multi-Attribute Tradespace Exploration Primer"
WP-2009-2-1 Viscito, L., "Flexibility in RSC for a Satellite Radar System" [pdf]
WP-2009-3-1 Leal, D.S., "Goods Traffic on High Speed Railway Line between Lisbon and Madrid" [pdf]
WP-2009-4-1 Rader, A.A., Ross, A.M., and Rhodes, D.H., "A Methodological Comparison of Monte Carlo Methods and Epoch-Era Analysis for System Assessment in Uncertain Environments" (paper published in IEEE SysCon 2010) [pdf]
WP-2010-1-1 Ross, A.M., O'Neill, M.G., Hastings, D.E, and Rhodes, D.H., "Value-Driven Design: When to Monetize Stakeholder Value" (paper published in AIAA Space 2010) [pdf]
WP-2010-2-1 O'Neill, M.G., "Addressing Cost Growth in Spacecraft Acquisition Programs: A Prescriptive Approach" [pdf]
WP-2010-3-2 O'Neill, M.G., "Spacecraft Evaluation Tool Verification and Validation" [pdf]
WP-2011-1-2 Ross, A.M., and Rhodes, D.H., "Anatomy of a Change Option: Mechanisms and Enablers" [pdf]
WP-2011-2-2 Ross, A.M., Beesemyer, J.C., and Rhodes, D.H., "A Prescriptive Semantic Basis for System Lifecycle Properties" [pdf]
WP-2012-1-1 Richards, M.G., Ross, A.M., Stein, D.B., and Hastings, D.E., "Multi-Attribute Tradespace Exploration for Survivability" [pdf]
WP-2012-2-1 Ricci, N., and Ross, A.M., "Developing a Dynamic Portfolio-Based Approach for Systems of Systems Composition" [pdf]
WP-2012-3-2 Ricci, N., Ross, A.M., Rhodes, D.H., and Fitzgerald, M.E., "Considering Alternative Strategies for Value Sustainment in Systems-of-Systems" [pdf]
WP-2012-4-1 Ross, A.M., McManus, H.L., Rhodes, D.H., and Hastings, D.E., "Revisiting the Tradespace Exploration Paradigm: Structuring the Exploration Process" [pdf]
WP-2014-1-1 Schaffner, M.A. and Ross, A.M., "RSC-based Method Case Summary: Next Generation Combat Ship" [pdf]
WP-2014-2-1 Fitzgerald, M.E. and Ross, A.M., "Space Tug Skirmish Rules v3.2" [pdf]