UROP Annoucement

SEAri has four to six (total) openings for undergraduates for our summer 2014 project. Please see below for description.


Period: Summer (June 9-August 19, 2014)

UROP Department / Lab / Center: ESD / Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative (seari.mit.edu)

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Donna Rhodes

Project Title: Interactive Tradespace Exploration Laboratory Innovations for Systems Evaluation and Selection

Project Description: Big data and visual analytics are both on the rise as key areas of innovation and opportunities for decision making. In the field of systems design, these areas are still immature, but promise to radically change the way we define, design, and decide upon systems to build. This project will leverage work in big data and visual analytics to further develop a novel environment for interactive data-based system design and decision making.

In order to transcend cognitive limitations and facilitate the discovery of appropriate design and operational strategies, the Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative is currently developing interactive gaming simulations and data exploration environments. This year's project will focus on expanding the functionality of a multi-sensory tradespace exploration environment created at SEAri. A summer UROP project with a team of students will develop and implement novel approaches in the use of the tradespace exploration laboratory for multi-sensory data representation and exploration. Tasks will include software development in MATLAB, implementing the latest research methods for visualizing and analyzing tradespaces, and "human-in-the-loop" exploration of millions of aerospace and naval system conceptual designs. Multiple types of tasks needed for this project include software engineering, software development, user interface design, and informal user testing. Additionally, there is an opportunity to connect the work with aspects of other SEAri research into game-based learning and design.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Microsoft Office, at least one programming language, preferably with object-orientation. Previous summer projects were developed in some subset of MATLAB, Python, C#, and Unity3D. Commitment to the work, good analytic, and software engineering and/or programming skills are needed to participate in collaborative research. Candidates should have interest in working with a mixed team of research staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students as part of the larger effort. There are openings for four to six UROPs in this summer project. Rising juniors or seniors in course 6 preferred. Pay will be based on candidate's skill set.

Project Director: Dr. Adam M. Ross

Contact: Please send a resume to Dr. Adam M. Ross, adamross@mit.edu, and visit the SEAri website for lab information: seari.mit.edu.