Interactive Model-Centric Systems Engineering (IMCSE) Pathfinder Project

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A recent workshop generated a seed research agenda, with research needs considered from two perspectives, the interactive perspective and the model-centric perspective

One initiative within IMCSE is the IMCSE Pathfinder Project, investigating the current state of the art/practice in interactive model-centric systems engineering. Knowledge gathering and literature review are being used to establish a preliminary picture of what is being done in practice including current methods, processes and tools and what research has/is being performed. Periodic workshops and technical exchanges are used to identify research opportunities, gaps and issues.

A pathfinder workshop was conducted on 20 January 2015, bringing together interested stakeholders for an initial dialogue on human-model interaction, identifying research needs from both a model-centric perspective and an interactive perspective. A rich set of participant observations, insights, feedback and recommendations was gathered during the event. Stage-setting talks were employed to orient the participants on four "pillars" and some of the identified challenges at the intersection. A number of important themes were identified in the workshop and are further discussed in the Pathfinder Report. Themes included: Characteristics of Models; Ease of Interaction; Enabling Informed Decisions; Enabling Human-Human Interaction; Guided Interaction; Model Re-Usability; and Trusted Models.

Ongoing activities are underway to further elicit information on state of the art and practice, clarify and expand the urgent research questions, identify additional research stakeholders, and investigate research gaps and priorities. The project aims to establish a collaboratively-derived IMCSE research roadmap, in collaboration with other researchers and the broader systems community. The ultimate goal is to generate interest around the IMCSE research agenda, build partnerships for research within and external to SERC and to foster collaboration in addressing emerging challenges.

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